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Making the most of your professional success through equity compensation.

Maximizing Your Equity

Whether earned through your executive compensation or because you forged your trail as a business owner, equity value can be a hard-earned reward. But there is also risk associated with a highly concentrated asset. Our clients benefit from our experience with concentrated wealth positions like:

Did You Know?

You can frontload a 529 plan by gifting stock to a family member.

Decision-making and Equity Compensation

Each type of equity compensation comes with its own set of considerations. But in all cases, when planning for equity compensation, it’s important to understand your end game for the proceeds of a liquidity event. Do you want to fund your retirement? Buy or renovate your home? Or create trust for the next generation?

Whatever your end goal, we take action to ensure you’re considering the tax implications as well as how the concentrated wealth impacts the diversification of your overall financial wellness. A single-stock investment — whether it is part of a taxable or tax-advantaged account — bears significant, company-specific, risk. Most stock investors are aware of market risk, but single-stock risk adds some additional complexity that needs to be factored into your investment decisions.

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